Strategic Services

Strategic Services

These are the services that most clients want from their accountant but their accountants don’t provide them. These services proactively add value to the profitability of clients businesses and their personal financial positions. We recognise the current needs of our clients and are well positioned to provide these services to our clients.

Annual Tax Planning

Why wait until after 30 June to find out your tax position, when you can plan and optimise it before 30 June? Our annual tax planning service involves projecting your tax position for the year during the last quarter of the financial year. After projecting and understanding the position, we will meet with you to advise you on strategies you can implement before 30 June to optimise the tax position. Most clients obtain value from this service.

Business Performance Reviews

It is important for all business owners to allocate time to working “on” the business as well as “in” the business. We support you in doing this by holding monthly, quarterly, or half yearly management meetings with you. These meetings are run like board meetings with an agenda and minutes, and we take the position as your external chief financial officer. During these meetings we show you how your business is performing, we tell you whether it is on track or not, we advise you what you should change and what you should do more of, and we assist you in planning strategies that will improve your business’s performance. We do all of this by using budgets, benchmarking, and various business analysis tools. With this service, we have assisted many businesses in achieving their financial goals.

Budgets and Forecasts

All businesses should prepare annual budgets so they know exactly what they have to achieve each month of the year. This sets a target for owners/managers to work towards and is an important factor in achieving financial success. We can assist you in preparing budgets and showing you how to implement them into your accounting system for regular financial reporting.

Business / Investment Structures

t is important for all businesses and investments to be structured correctly – this reduces tax, protects personal and business assets, and minimises capital gains tax when the business or investment is sold. We are very experienced in advising on appropriate structures and implementing them. We can assist you in reviewing and restructuring your current structure or setting up a new structure for a new business or investment activity.

Bookkeeper Supervision / Auditor Liaison

We can supervise your bookkeeper by implementing a bookkeeping checklist, which will ensure that they prepare your books to a reasonable standard. This allows you to proactively use your books during the year and not wait until your accountant makes all the changes after year-end. For companies requiring financial audits, we can prepare an audit file and work with your external audit to ensure the audit process is quick and efficient.

Accounting Software Implementation

The key to accurate management reporting is having an accounting system that is correctly setup so that after the data is entered, the system can provide you with meaningful reports which you can use in managing your business. We are certified partners/advisers in some of the latest cloud based systems and add on products and can implement a system that will achieve efficiency and give you the right information to assist you in growing your business.

Business Health Check

Checking up on your business’s health is the same as going to a doctor to check on your own health. When we perform this service, we use advanced business analysis software to identify the key positives and negatives in your business, which we then report to you and advise you on what you can do to change the negatives to positives.

Compliance Reviews

Sometimes when we engage new clients, we find that the previous accountants have not proactively reviewed the business’s compliance requirements as the business has changed and/or grown. This leads to compliance errors as well as missed opportunities to optimise the business’s tax position. We are able to perform a review of historical compliance as well as current compliance requirements and assist with ensuring that the business is complying with all tax legislation and missed opportunities are picked up and corrected.

Buying & Selling Businesses

We have assisted many clients in puchasing their ideal business. We assist our clients by checking that the purchase price reflects the true value of the business, supporting our clients throughout the negotiation process, and doing a detailed review of the business financial information before completion of the purchase to ensure our client’s risk is minimised. Many business owners have a goal of growing and selling their business at some point. We have assisted many clients in successfully preparing their business for sale and maximising the value, supporting our clients through the negotiation and legal phase of the sale, and working with the purchaser’s accountants during due diligance. We work with clients selling small businesses to individual purchasers as well as clients selling their larger businesses to large corporate groups.

Business Plan & Projection Preparation

Business planning is an important factor in the future success of a business. We assist startup businesses in putting together a detailed plan, which supports them in “staying on track” while they grow their business as well as supports them in pitching to investors and banks for funding. We also assist existing businesses in reviewing, updating, and implementing ongoing business plans as their business develops, grows, and changes.

Taxation Advice

We have the skills, experience, and qualifications to provide various types of written income tax and GST advice to clients. Our clients use this advice to ensure they are complying with the relevant laws and to support them and reduce their risk in the event of a future ATO audit. We have successfully advised on tax residency issues, exempt fringe benefit matters, GST margin scheme matters, non-resident GST matters, employee share scheme matters, small business CGT concession matters, start-up concession matters, and many other areas of tax and GST law.